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Saturday, May 06, 2006

lozza's cousins have some fun

Anyone who spends much time in the OZScrapers Vic forum would be familiar with the work of a bloke called lozza. Although lozza and myself are occasional sparring partners, I'm a big fan of his in-your-face writing style and usually get some good laughs from his posts.

A couple of nights ago, lozza let his cousins Shug and Wian use his OZScrapers login, and they had a bit of fun in the Eureka Tower thread. Most of their posts were unfortunately deleted, so below is a copy of the best bits. I've added the usernames of the people who the posts were directed at for a bit of context.

Warning - the following text contains offensive language and Adult Themes. If strong language offends, now's a good time to stop reading. But if (like me) you get a giggle from reading profanity-laden rants, this stuff is gold. Take a bow, Shug and Wian.


Cul - i really love yr diagrams, as you have shown us above, but to even contemplate fuck'n comparing the miners underground experience below beaconsfield to your "silly" 3 australia's tallest buildings on top of each other to compare with what the fuck those bastards are going through undeground is just fuck'n plain being fucking stupid !!! U ranting, raving, ripping, rooting, roaring, ravinsihng, rushing , retra-rocketing, "red-faced" homosexual

But we love yr diagram still

Shug ! ( Not Lozza !!! )

To Drunkill

your full of shit . I never liked you anyway "dickhead"


To mugley

You do what you like, but the only cunt on the sauce is you fuck wit.

To Drunkill and others

we all have opinons. But everything someone says, it all goes to heart. All you cunts, are dickheads and dont know shit about skyscrapers. I will never be on the sauce. You dickheads will never understand. Just ask Jeff.

To everybody

its all just carry on ! lozza is blind ! Shug is smashed !

its all about carry on !

get fucked the whole lot of u cunts !

But hobh's here ! so thats all that matters, u bloody fuck wits !




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