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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Eureka crane removal - day 1

The first stages of Eureka Tower's crane coming down (these photos are nearly a month old and some have already appeared here).

As per usual, click the images for larger versions.

The first few pics are the bits of the winch crane (aka The Grunter) being lifted to the top. This was used to take apart the small crane on the right after it had dismantled the main crane.

Building a temporary platform on the roof...

News helicopter turns up and circles a few times. Eventually they realise they're not going to see the whole thing happen in five minutes, so they give up...

Mid afternoon, rigging up the jib for removal

And here it's coming off...

The temporary platform gets some use

Getting dark now - just enough time to separate the front section:

For photos of the rest of the process, have a look at the construction pics posts in the May 2006 archive.


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