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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Daily Melbourne Photo - 26 July 2006

Dedicated to Kathy Barrance...
"We've had a couple of incidents of tourists taking photos of obscure things, and they were approached by security and asked to stop taking photos," Southgate property manager Kathy Barrance said.

"It was just the facades of buildings, things that would be of no interest to put in a photo album."
Here's an obscure building facade just for you, Kathy. I'd hate to be forced to endure a look through your photo album...

Nikon D70, AF Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6 G, 1/500s, f/8, ISO 200, manual, spot meter, shade WB


At Thu. Jul. 27, 01:07:00 pm 2006, Anonymous St3v3 said...

the placement of the cup in the right hand corner is in drab contrast to the perpendicular lines drawing to a close near the cleft of the pictures apex.

At Thu. Jul. 27, 01:11:00 pm 2006, Blogger Jes said...

Same to you mate :)


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